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Welcome to the Home of Product

Many product organizations are struggling. You may notice this in your company or as an individual as well. Company executives and product teams are struggling to align the company vision, goals and strategy to the work that happens on a daily basis. You may find yourself and your organization caught up in the build trap, where executives, managers, product people and teams are focused mostly on delivery of features and velocity, rather than focusing on outcomes, achieving goals and maximization of customer and company value.

We have observed these and other anti-patterns in many product organizations and we believe that these challenges should be resolved. Therefore, it is our mission to grow product professionals to become product leaders. We grow product leaders through an engaging, practical and digestible learning and development program. Some advantages of our Learning & Development program include that trainings are delivered by world-class product leaders and expert trainers. Our learning journeys are based on competencies that are required in daily practice and for advancing careers to becoming product leaders. And the program includes regular assessments, assignments and professional product management certifications to prove newly acquired skills and professionalism.

Through our engaging and highly-evaluated learning and development program, we don't just deliver training classes. We help people and organizations to become product leaders.

The Value Maximizers

The Value Maximizers consists of visionaries who create superior products, and ultimately create value for organizations, customers and users.

We turn your product vision into an executable strategy, with our agile product management and consulting, coaching & training services. We will show you how great products are build by proven methods & brought into practice by experienced trainers and consultants.

Customer focus | Result driven | Agile approach | Visionaries | Great communicators | We understand Technology!

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