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Professional Product Leadership Assessment

We believe that learning, development and growth are done continuously. Mostly by doing our jobs on a daily basis and by learning from and by teaching to others. Partly by reading books and blogs and  watching videos. Another part is learning new insights and skills from trainings. When you want to develop as a Product Manager, Product Owner or Product Leader, it helps to investigate where you need and want to grow. That is where our assessments may help you. The assessments help you to identify your personal skill gaps, which you can then further develop yourself and through the various training courses, articles, tools and materials we offer.

Based on our extensive experience - with product management and in leading product management organizations - we’ve designed the Professional Product Leadership Competency Framework. This framework is tailored for product people and consists of 6 core competency areas that every Product Leader needs in their day-to-day practice. Depending on their specific situation, they may need some competencies and skills more than others. This is taken into account in the assessments.

For Individuals: Put your skills to the Test.

Leading a product is a balancing act, making sure you are able to make the best trade-offs at a moment in time. People in Product Management should possess a broad set of competencies, skills and attitudes. Product leadership is all about the interplay between these competencies, skills and attitudes - knowing when to apply what, inspecting what works, and then adapting to improve. Of course, ‘Professionalism’, having the right mindset, attitude and behaviors are at the core. Capabilities like Taking Ownership’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ are core traits of great Product Leaders.

Great product leaders combine the unique set of characteristics and deliver value for customers and organizations, and in growing importance positively impact society. Your success can be measured by the value you create on a daily basis. Most people in product management dream about  creating a product or service that customers love (e.g. Windows 95, Apple's iPhone, Tesla’s cars). We need more product leadership in organizations. We, as Product Leaders, need to think about the world that does not yet exist and then help others to get there. Our ability to create followers for that dream or vision, and the ability to communicate it is what makes us move from a great product manager transition into a true Product Leader.

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For Organizations: How we assess Product Management Organizations

The effectiveness of your Product Leaders and the potential value they can deliver to your customers in influenced by many factors. For example, think about the mindset, behaviors and competences of your Product Leaders which affect the value and results they can deliver. Looking at the organization, you could think of elements like the Business Model, Operating Model and Technology Model. But also think about elements like delegation from management, business engagement and customer feedback. This is why we assess many different elements in our assessments, both with your Product Leaders themselves, but also in the organization.

The Product Leadership Assessment is conducted in five steps.

  1. The first step is a self-assessment, which is performed by the Product Leader him- or herself. This self-assessment assessess the six Product Leadership stances, as well as the professionalism area (mindset, behaviors and attitudes).
  2. After the self-assessment, a one-on-one interview is conducted with the Product Leader, by a Xebia Product Leadership Consultant. We challenge your Product Leaders on their answers in this interview, by asking for specific examples, cases, materials and results.
  3. The next step is to inspect your product organization, in which we look at your Business Model, Operating Model and Technology Model, as well as your product vision and strategy. With this step, we can identify issues that are blocking your organization from maximizing value delivery. We also analyse the Product Management artifacts in your organization, such as product vision, strategy, roadmaps, budgets, product backlogs, Scrum Events and others.
  4. The fourth step in the process is for us to gather all the observations and findings into an assessment report. This report highlights your strengths, weaknessses, opportunities and threads, as well as the individual Product Leader’s personal development recommendations and improvement themes for the organization.
  5. The final step in this process is a collaboration workshop, in which Xebia’s Product Leadership Consultant(s) help you to create an improvement plan for the organization and your Product Leaders. In this workshop we’ll help you to make the right choices in developing your organization and Product Leaders.
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