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The Value Maximizers

Founded in 2019, The Value Maximizers provides product management training to professionals worldwide. We have various training locations across the Americas and Europe, as well as an Online Academy. We offer various certified Scrum.org Professional Scrum courses, as well as more specialised workshops, webinars and (online) meetups around the profession of Product Management. Our trainers and consultants are senior-level product managers, who have been working at startups, scale-ups and enterprise companies such as ING, TomTom, Rabobank, Aegon, KPN, Vodafone, and many others.

More than 2.000 students have taken online, virtual and classroom trainings with The Value Maximizers. We've worked with hundreds of Product Owners, Product Managers and Product Leaders, by coaching them on-the-job. Our students and peers have learned about better ways of building products and services, leading product development, marketing, sales, pricing, budgeting and of course visioning, strategising and product development tactics. We've helped Product Managers to create better, more inspiring visions, product goals and clear, achievable product roadmaps. We use various forms of learning in our product management learning journeys, including an Online Academy, Live Virtual Classes, Classroom trainings, an online community with peers and coaching on-the-job.

Company Vision - Growing Product Leaders

There is a challenge in the industry today, which you can see all around you, in any small, medium or enterprise company. For the last 10 years, many organisations have started some form of an Agile or Digital transformation. Some organisations are just starting out, others are somewhere down the road and some seem to be far ahead of the industry. However, all these companies seem to have one thing in common; We're not that awesome in the art of maximising value of our products and services (yet). We keep hearing from our students that there are many flaws in the way organisations are designed. There are many gaps in the current governance, versus the to-be governance. There is continuous overruling by stakeholders and executives, who are too much detached from the daily, tactical and strategic management of products.

Having led many Agile and Digital transformations ourselves, we often find that the profession of Product Management is not up to par in most organisations. Product Owners, Product Managers and Product Leaders in general aren't getting the same attention from trainers, coaches and consultants that others get. Organisations hire Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Digital or Leadership consultants to boost their transformations, however most Product Owners and Product Managers have to figure it out themselves... And thus, there is a major opportunity here to improve.

With The Value Maximizers, we have a solution for organisations that struggle in the field of Product Management and Product Ownership. Our purpose is Growing Product Leaders, which we do through (online) training, coaching, consultancy and leadership. The main advantages of working with us, The Value Maximizers, is that we have extensive experience working as Product Leaders in enterprise environments. We have all launched successful, and failed products, which we've learned from. Through specifically designed learning journeys, we help Product Owners, Product Managers and Product Leaders to professionalize their skills. This is not limited to introducing tools, techniques and tricks. It's actually much more about behaviour and unlearning. Through our efforts we strive to grow awesome Product Leaders, and herewith contribute to helping organisations building awesome products that customers love.

Our team of experienced Product Leaders

Robbin Schuurman

Robbin loves to collaborate on the edge between business and IT. His passion lies in supporting businesses when it comes to creating and delivering customer value fast. Robbin focuses on training and coaching Product Owners and Product Managers towards becoming Product Leaders. He helps organisations to improve their Product Management capabilities to deliver more value for customers in a shorter amount of time.

Before specializing in Product Leadership, Robbin has worked as an Agile Transformation Lead, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, and Agile Manager with various companies, such as ANWB, KPN, Aegon, Aon, and CRV.

Willem Vermaak

Willem is a Product Management consultant, who has a passion for leadership and creating the highest possible valuable product. These 2 passions come to live in everything revolving around product management, product leadership, product strategy and product ownership.

Willem is specialized in product management, product leadership, product strategy and product ownership. In his courses, he uses this knowledge and his experience (as an Armed Force officer amongst others) to dive deep into ways to manage a team and use customer input to add value to every part of an organization. In addition to teaching at Xebia Academy from The Value Maximizers, Willem is a Professional Scrum trainer for Scrum.org, Studio Lead and business consultant.

Chris Lukassen

Chris is the product samurai. His passion and drive have always gravitated to the creation, development, and introduction of innovative products or services. Over the years he has experienced, hands-on, what it takes to succeed (and fail) in business.

Before he became a Professional Scrum trainer, Chris worked as a product manager at large enterprises like Thales, TomTom and Saab. With his diverse experience, he provides a learning experience based on knowledge and skills acquired in the field of real-time software development and electronics. Having the author of bestseller ‘The Product Samurai’, coach and public speaker, as your trainer guarantees two days of inspirational insights and practical know-how. In addition to PSPO and PSPO-A, Chris also teaches the Product Leadership Development, Advanced Product Owner and PSM courses.

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