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Product Leadership Framework

The Product Leadership Competency Framework is a comprehensive Product Management framework that covers all the capabilities that a company or team need to create products that maximize value and delight customers. The framework is designed to be applicable to any person working in product. Whether you are a Product Manager, Product Owner, Head of Product or Chief Product Officer. The framework can be used with any product development methodology, including Agile, Scrum and Waterfall.

We help people and organizations to professionalize their Product Leadership capabilities through assessments, training, certifications, content, templates and coaching-consultancy.

The Heart of the Product Leadership Framework

You find "Communication" and "Entrepreneurship" in the center of the Product Leadership Framework. These are core capabilities that any product leader needs in order to be successful. Being able to effectively communicate with all the different parties, including customers, users, stakeholders, marketing, IT, sales, company leaders and customer support for example, is vital to every person in product. On the other side there is thinking in opportunities to increase value for customers and the organization. There is taking calculated risks. All successful product people think like entrepreneurs, building a valuable product for all the parties involved.

Six Competency Areas

The second ring contains six competency areas of Product Leadership; People, Product, Process, Market, Business and Leadership. Each competency area covers an important part of Product Management capabilities. Having knowledge, experience, tools, techniques and capabilities in each of the six competency areas is the foundation of Product Management success. Each of the competency areas cover various competencies.

Product Management Competencies

The Product Management Competencies in the outer ring contain the actual skills, knowledge and experience needed in your daily work. Being able to collaborate with others, having domain or technical expertise, and being passionate about solving customer problems are the capabilities we need on a daily basis. However, not all the competencies are applicable to all contexts. If you're more of a Technical Product Manager, you may not need or use knowledge about Sales or Pricing so much. On the other hand, being a Head of Product, you may need more Change Leadership skills than other Product Managers. Through our assessments, we're able to objectively measure your skills, knowledge and competencies, so that you can continue to grow yourself and the people around you.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts